Applicaton of biotechnology including its benefits


In fact, the most exciting biotechnology advances of recent times are occurring at the microscopic level and smaller. Yet inthe people of Africa lost 60 percent of the cassava crop-one of their most important sources of calories-to mosaic virus.

Biopharmaceuticals are large biological molecules known as proteins and these usually target the underlying mechanisms and pathways of a malady but not always, as is the case with using insulin to treat type 1 diabetes mellitus, as that treatment merely addresses the symptoms of the disease, not the underlying cause which is autoimmunity ; it is a relatively young industry.

The HGP was originally planned to last 15 years.


With modern biotechnology, these genes can be used as targets for the development of effective new therapies, which could significantly shorten the drug discovery process. Recently, tests have been developed to detect mutation for a handful of more complex conditions such as breast, ovarian, and colon cancers.

Researchers have been working to develop varieties of cassava that more efficiently absorb trace metals and micronutrients from the soil, have enhanced starch quality and contain more beta-carotene and other beneficial vitamins and minerals.

And The European corn borer likewise destroys approximately seven percent, or 40 million tons, of the world's corn crop every year - equivalent to the annual food supply, in calories, for 60 million people.

Through early biotechnology, the earliest farmers selected and bred the best suited crops, having the highest yields, to produce enough food to support a growing population.

Biotechnology and Human Health

In addition to studying chromosomes to the level of individual genes, genetic testing in a broader sense includes biochemical tests for the possible presence of genetic diseases, or mutant forms of genes associated with increased risk of developing genetic disorders.

Additionally, cheap DNA synthesis could one day democratize the ability to make bioweapons or other nuisances, as one virologist demonstrated when he made the horsepox virus related to the virus that causes smallpox with DNA he ordered over the Internet. At least four of these obstacles are as follows: In the words of Dr.

Inthe World Bank Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research estimated that biotechnology could help improve world food production by up to 25 percent.

DNA microarray chip — some can do as many as a million blood tests at once Pharmacogenomics a combination of pharmacology and genomics is the technology that analyses how genetic makeup affects an individual's response to drugs.

Some examples are the designing of organisms to produce antibioticsand the engineering of genetic cures through genetic manipulation. Applications of Biotechnology in Agriculture Biotechnology is regularly deliberated the same with the biomedical research, but there are a lot of other industries which take benefit of biotech method for studying, cloning and varying genes.

Meeting this goal — and within a 10 year timeline — will require new technology and an explosion in manufacturing capacity. For example, a recently announced initiative called GP-Write has the goal of synthesizing an entire human genome from chemical building blocks within the next 10 years.

An example of this would be Bt corn. Biotechnology has application in four major industrial areas, including health care (medical), crop production and agriculture, non food (industrial) uses of crops and other products (e.g. biodegradable plastics, vegetable oil, biofuels), and environmental uses.

Biotechnology is used to improve the living of organisms.

Applications Of Biotechnology

Biotechnology can be defined as the use of technology to produce products and involve the use of living things to improve the life of humans. Benefits of Biotechnology for Developing Countries. By C. S. Prakash hungry people in the developing world. More than 2, eminent scientists, including three Nobel laureates, have are urging private and public funding and cooperative research to ensure that the benefits of biotechnology are extended to solving great needs among needy.

Because industrial biotechnology is so new, its benefits are still not well known or understood by industry, policymakers, or consumers. From the beginning, industrial biotechnology has integrated product improvements with pollution prevention.

Applicaton of Biotechnology Including Its Benefits and Potential Risks Essay Now biotechnology involves molecular genetics, which genetically alter animals and plants for the benefits of humans.

Biotechnology is used in the modification of microorganisms, animals, plants. Thinking Ethically About Human Biotechnology Margaret R. McLean, Ph.D.

Applications Of Biotechnology

Modern biotechnology, with its focus on molecular biology and its concern for increasing human health and life spans, is all about the future.

Applicaton of biotechnology including its benefits
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Applications of biotechnology : Agriculture, Food Processing, Biotech Industry